Paragliding Accuracy Championship @ Mechukha 2018

This year at the adventure@mechukha, Paragliding Association of Arunachal, in partnership with the Dept. of Tourism of Arunachal Pradesh and CCRD is holding the 2nd Paragliding Accuracy Open Championship at Mechukha, the Jewel of the East.

A CAT II Championship, it is a great opportunity for all pilots to flaunt their landing skill and win that trophy.


  • Registration fees in EUR : 100.00 / USD : 0.00 / INR : 0.00

I would like to declare that I will abide by the rules and regulations that have been set for the competition and violation of which will invite penalty as decided by the organizers.

LOCAL REGULATIONS FOR PG Accuracy Championship @ Mechukha 2018 (FAI CAT II).

  • These local regulations are to be used in conjunction with the most recent versions of General Section of the FAI Sporting Code & Common Section 7C of the FAI Sporting Code.
  • These additions supersede section 7C and are in place to promote safety and improve the sporting nature of the event.
  • Safe Flying: All Pilots fly under their own responsibility. It is each pilot’s responsibility to take all necessary actions to maintain their own safety during the competition, and to ensure that they do not act in any way that might endanger any other pilots, organizers or spectators during the competition.
  • It is the condition of entry for all participants of the PG Accuracy Championship @ Mechukha 2018 to accept without restrictions to hold the organizers blameless, and waive all claims to compensation.
  • Sportsmanship: The purpose of PG Accuracy Championship @ Mechukha is to provide a sportive, fair, competitive and safe contest, in order to determine event winners in the different categories involved, and to reinforce friendship among competitors.
  • Political & Religious promotion is prohibited.


Event Manager

RajuRai (India)

Meet Director

AldyPatanroi (Indonesia)

Chief Judge

JakaGorenc (Slovenia)

Event Judge

Lara Leban (Slovenia)

Target Judge 1

Col SukhdeepSachdeva (India)

Target Judge 2

RajdeepThapa (India)

Target Judge 3

C.P Pradhan (India)

Target Judge 4

Arjjun Kr Rai (India)

Scoring Judge

Jimmy Giroux (Canada)

MediMedia & Publication: Local Media


1.       The Arunachal Times

2.       Arunachal Front

3.       Arunachal Observer

4.       The Eastern Sentinel

5.       Dawn lit Post

6.       Echo of Arunachal

7.       Independent Review

Outside Media

1.       National Geographic Traveller

2.       Sports Illustrator

3.       Outlook India

Launch Marshall: SandeepRai (Sikkim)          

Rescue:Arunachal Police


1: Documents required

A. All participants must have third liability insurance

B. All participants must be insured to cover all types of expenses in case of an accident: search & rescue expenses, hospital expenses, medical expenses, repatriation, etc.

C. Pilots must check the validity of their government run or private insurance in the country where the competition take place.

Each competitor will be required to sign:

• The waiver declaration (agreement on release of liability)

• the safety forms

2. Selection Procedures

The minimum requirement for pilots to enter this competition is:

• To have a valid and current license for paragliding

• to be accepted by the organization

• pay the complete entry fee

3 : Schedule and Time

Date: 22nd Nov 2018

Time: 12am – 6 pm Registration at HQ

Arrival, Accommodation, Check in,

Date: 23rd Nov 2018

7:30:00 – 8:30 Breakfast

9:00am: Opening Ceremony at Landing zone & Official General Briefing/safety briefing.

11:00 am: Departures for take off

One Practice Round; Then Official competition round starts:

MechukhaDara – take off

8:00 pm – 10:00pm Dinner/ Day result announcement

Date: 24th Nov 2018

7:30:00 – 8:30 Breakfast

9:00pm: Official General Briefing/safety briefing at HQ

Than Departure for take off

8:00 pm – 10:00pm Dinner/ Day result announcement

Date: 25th Nov 2018

7:30:00 – 8:30 Breakfast

9:00pm: Official General Briefing/safety briefing at HQ than Departures and transport to take off

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm: closing ceremony

8:30 pm – 10:00pm Dinner & party

This schedule is subject to change. Any changes to the schedule will be announced by the meet Director at the daily briefing.

4: Take off

Name: MechukhaDara

Type: Foot Launch from hill side

Pilots should be comfortable with alpine/forward launch techniques.

AGL: 1916 mts

Orientation – S

5: Radios and Mobile phones

Safety frequency: 144.500MHz

Organizer: 144.00MHz

Radios are not to be used for the purpose of providing advantageous competitive information, for coaching.

Only the radio frequencies allocated by the organizers for safety, organization, teams’ must be used.

6. Entry

The maximum number of pilots in the championship is 65

The maximum number of pilots constituting a team is 4 totals from any gender, not necessary to be from same nationality.

Inner Line permits will be arranged by the organizer. Documents requisite will be asked through e-mail.

Nationality of China, Myanmar, Pakistan, & Nigeria are not allowed to enter Arunachal Pradesh without the prior approval from Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

Bangladeshi Nationality should get clearance from Ministry of External Affairs Government of India to enter the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

7: Categories

The competition is open to all pilots which countries are Member and Associated Member of FAI. The competition will comprise individual man and individual women categories and team classification. If there are at least 7 women pilots competing, individual rankings will be awarded in female class .

1. Entry Fee

The Entry fees will be 100 Euro per pilot.

Advance payment Euro 50 for conformation [non-refundable]

The Entry fee includes:

  • ID card and safety/contact information.
  • Competitor identification.
  • Transport from Itanagar Town to Mechukha and Return.
  • Site Transport
  • Daily fooding at HQ on competition days.
  • T-shirt.
  • Free access to all championship events and parties.
  • Winners Prizes
  • Emergency rescue and first aid medical service.
  • Local Homestay/Luxury Tent accommodation.

9. Payments

Remaining entry fees will be paid during registration on 22nd November 2018.

Payment deadline

The deadline for the final payment will be the 22nd November 2017

10. Pre – Registration (Registration Link)

Registration for all pilots will be open on the competition website from September 10 to November15, 2017.

On registration day, pilots must report to registration office to have their documents checked and to receive supplementary information.

11. Equipment

Canopy: Any Class

Certified Harness

Certified Reserve

Certified Helmet

Contest number

Will be supplied in accordance with Section 7C.

The number is 15 x 10 cm and must be displayed on the leg.

Insurance: Minimum 10 Lakhs

12. Number of rounds

There will be maximum of 6 full rounds completed within the time available, and minimum of 1 round must be completed to validate the competition.

13. Rest Day

No specific rest day is programmed.

14. Wind speed

The maximum permitted wind speed will be 7m/s.

15. Scoring

The pilots constituting a team are chosen at registration. Once chosen, pilots cannot be replaced for any reason.

Team number is 4 pilots. The team score for each round shall be the aggregate score of the best three (3) pilots in the team.

16. Amateur video evidence

Amateur video evidence may be accepted.

The Organizers will provide video recording on the landing. In the case where amateur video evidence is available when an official complaint is made, the Competition Director and Chief Judge reserve the right to choose whether and when to view that video evidence. The decision will be made on a case to case basis.

Further information regarding the policy on video evidence will be provided at the first pilot briefing.

17. Penalties

According to Section 7C.

18. Complaints and Protests

Refer to to General Section, Common Section 7 and Section 7C.

On the first briefing, a Jury will be formed from independent members and announced.

A complaint may be made to the Meet Director or his Deputy, preferably by the Team leader, in writing in English, to request a correction. It must be made within one hour of the publication of the provisional results.

If provisional scores are posted more than 2 hours after sunset and before 6:00 am next day, then the deadline for a complaint is 8:00 am the next day.

For the last competition task, complaints must be submitted at the latest one hour after the publication of the provisional results.

Complaints will be dealt with expeditiously.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, a protest may be made to the Jury, preferably by the Team leader, in writing in English.

Protests must be submitted within 2 hours after the complainant has been informed by the Meet Director or his Deputy of the result of the complaint.

For the last competition task, protests must be submitted within 1 hour after the complainant has been informed by the Meet Director or his Deputy of the result of the complaint.

The protest fee is 50 Euros. It will be returned if the protest is upheld.

Team Leaders are encouraged to read Section 7C before making a complaint or a protest.

20. Emergency Procedures

One English-speaking emergency doctor and an ambulance with appropriate equipment will be made available during all operations. The doctors will be located at the competition site. – The organizer will provide the interpreters who will stay with the medical personnel as required. – Hospital is within a 10 min drive from the landing area and 35 min from Take off.

Two Ambulance cars will support pilots during competition – one on take-off and one on landing area –

21. Other information


Luxury Tent & Homestay information will be provided on the official competition Day.


1st PLACE Men– 1st prize INR 60,000 + Trophy &Certificate

2nd PLACE Men – 2nd prize INR30,000+ Trophy &Certificate

3rd PLACE Men – 3rd prize INR15,000+ Trophy &Certificate


1st PLACE Women – Golden Lady INR 60,000+ Trophy &Certificate

2nd PLACE Women- 2nd prize INR 30,000+ Trophy &Certificate

3rd PLACE Women- 3rd prize INR 15,000+ Trophy &Certificate

*: Minimum 8 no’s for confirmed Women participants needed to be judged as separate category



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